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A year-long exploration of the imperfections in art + design.

Research material is designed to clearly convey the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, then creating a workbook to allow designers to use Wabi-Sabi techniques in their work. Lomography images are used to show imperfections in photography and the element of chance. Irregular shapes are used to express imperfect shapes and elements.

A package designed to be imperfect and earth friendly.

The package is designed to be earth-friendly. The ceramic is surrounded by biodegradable, compostable, recycled paper. Placing the one-of-a-kind ceramic in a cotton muslin bag. The lightweight durable bag is reusable, perfect for everyday life. With the bag’s artwork changing each release, the user can collect all of them. The more the users uses the bag, the more beautiful it will become.

A product designed to add Wabi-Sabi to everyday life.

Wabi-sabi home decor was founded in 2020, inspired by the imperfections in art and design. They encourage lovers of design to surround themselves with imperfect things. We’ve created unique handmade ceramics that bring a little wabi-sabi aesthetic to your workspace or home. Our products look best with dried flowers and imperfect candles.